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  • PhD student builds ultrasensitive molecular measurement instrument


    A Department of Chemistry PhD has created a new measurement instrument that will open up the doors for previously impossible chemical reactions. »

  • New chemistry professor calculates way to cleaner world


    Electricity can be used to produce chemical substances, and chemical substances can be used to produce electricity. Unfortunately, energy is lost along the way, in both directions. Jan Rossmeisl, a new professor at the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Chemistry, hopes to make the transformation between electricity and chemicals more sustainable by calculating his way towards greater efficacy. »

  • Putting the “fun” back into fundamental science


    Medicinal chemist Jan Kehler is fascinated by signaling processes in the human brain. So much so, that his fascination has propelled him through his 16-year-career as a senior researcher at Lundbeck, a specialist in pharmaceuticals that target the central nervous system. His accomplishments and experience now come to the Department of Chemistry, where he has just been named an affiliate professor. »

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