Center for Molecular Movies – University of Copenhagen

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Center for Molecular Movies

The Center for Molecular Movies has been closed as a center, but research activity is continued and the group is now part of NanoPhysics group.

We aim to obtain real time "pictures" of how atoms are moving while processes are taking place in molecules and solid materials, using ultrashort pulses of laser light and X-rays. The goal is to understand and in turn influence, at the atomic level, the structural transformations associated with such processes.

The Centre combines expertise form Risø National Laboratory, University of Copenhagen, and the Technical University of Denmark in structural investigation of matter by synchrotron X-ray based techniques, femtosecond laser spectroscopy, theoretical insight in femtosecond processes, and the ability to tailor materials, and design sample systems for optimal experimental conditions.


Center for Molecular Movies Group: Kristoffer Haldrup: