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BioNano and NanoMedicine

Science @ the
Bionanotechonology and Nanomedicine Laboratory

In simple terms the Laboratory has two primary scientific goals:

1) To understand the structure and function of biological systems on the nanoscale

The cell is the unit of life. It is composed of nanosized building blocks (biomolecules such as lipids, proteins, DNA etc.) that are typically thousand times smaller than the complete structure of the cell. The investigation of the processes in a cell at the scale of the building blocks (2-50 nm) is providing new insights on the mechanisms oflife.

2) To develop biologically inspired nanosensors

We also work on interfacing biomolecules with solid surfaces. Biomolecules have unique capabilities but in order to exploit them for applications (e.g. sensors for diagnostics or drug development) we have to learn how to control them close to the surface of chips and electrodes. We develop the basic scientific understanding of how to handle biomolecules on surfaces and how to analyze their response using light or electrons. The goal is to exploit this knowledge for creating powerful ultra-miniaturised screening systems for pharmaceuticals and enzymes.


The Bio-Nanotechnology Laboratory is an inter-Faculty research and educational initiative based on the close collaboration between the Chemistry department and the Nano-Science Center at the Faculty of Science. It was inaugurated in September 2004, in the presence of the Danish Prime Minister and Danish Research Minister.

The Bio-Nanotechnology Laboratory presently consists of two groups Martinez Group and Stamou Group and these group leaders Associate Professor Karen Martinez and Professor Dimitrios Stamou (Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science). The Bio-Nanotechnology Laboratory and is headed by Professor Dimitrios Stamou (Department Chemistry, Faculty of Science).


Our Coolaborative Projects

CBN Lundbeck Foundation Center for Biomembranes in Nanomedicine granted by the Lundbeck Foundation

UNIK Synthetic Biology Center for Synthetic Biology

BioSYNergy Center for Synthetic Biology

GPCR-Nanoscreen granted by The Danish Council for Strategic Research