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At the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, all BSc programmes are currently only offered in Danish. This also means that all courses at the bachelor's level are offered in Danish, with a few exceptions.  

For international, non-nordic students, admission to BSc programmes, besides fulfilling the academic admission requirements, is conditioned upon a passed Danish test ('Studieprøven').

More information about admission to BSc programmes at the University of Copenhagen

About the bachelor

Within the first few years of the bachelor degree program you will build up basic scientific knowledge in the fields that nanoscience and nanotechnology are build upon; chemistry, physics and biology.

Throughout the entire program there are also courses in those nanotechnological topics that combines knowledge from these fields and thus tie the education together, such as:

  • Nanobiology
  • Supramolecular chemistry
  • Mesoscopic electronics
  • Quantum phenomena in nanostructures  

On the third year of the study you can spend half the year concentrating on the specific fields that interest you the most. You can do an internship at a company, take courses at other universities or go on a stay abroad. 

The bachelor degree ends with a bachelor project where you immerse yourself in a topic of your on choice. You can either do the project with a research group or at a company.

Overview of the bachelor program

Each year of the bachelor degree program is divided into four units - two in autumn and two in spring - each lasting nine weeks. Every unit consists of either one full-time course or two part-time courses. 

2½ years of the program is mandatory.
½ a year of the program is optional.

  Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4
3rd year * * Bachelor thesis
Theory of Science and Ethics ** * * Theory of Science and Ethics **
2nd year NanoQuantum
Nanobiology 1
Nanobiology 2
Molecular statistics
Nano 3
1st year Nano 1
Chemistry AU
Nano F1
Nano F2
Chemistry O1
Chemistry O2
Linear Algebra & Mechanics

* Optional courses

** These courses are offered in several units but you should only take them once. If you have already passed the course, you can take an optional course.