Seminar by: Mirella Bucci – Københavns Universitet

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Seminar by: Mirella Bucci

Title: “Publishing at Nature Chemical Biology”

Seminar by Mirella Bucci, PhD
Nature Chemical Biology, Nature Publishing Group, San Francisco, USA

Nature Chemical Biology is an international monthly journal that provides a high-visibility forum for the publication of top-tier original research and commentary in chemical biology, a field that combines the scientific ideas and approaches of chemistry, biology and allied disciplines to understand and manipulate biological systems with molecular precision. We seek to publish manuscripts that report major conceptual or methodological advances at the chemistry-biology interface that are likely to open up innovative avenues of
research in the field. In addition to publishing original research, Nature Chemical Biology provides a forum for the exchange of ideas between scientists in the chemical and life sciences and a community resource for this emerging field. To this end, we publish content including review articles, highlights of relevant research published in other journals and commentaries that present topics of scientific and community interest. I will
describe the scope and content of the journal, the submission and editorial selection process, and the role (and hopefully, value) of professional editors. I will also describe the ways that we and journals in general are changing with new trends in publishing (think open access, reproducibility, and social networking).