PhD Defence: Denis V. Okhrimenko, MSc – Københavns Universitet

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PhD Defence: Denis V. Okhrimenko, MSc

Adsorption Properties of Chalk Reservoir Materials

NanoGeoScience Group, Nano-Science Center, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen

Understanding adsorption energetics and wetting properties of calcium carbonate surfaces is essential for developing remediation strategies for aquifers, improving oil recovery, minimising risk in CO2 storage and optimising industrial processes. This PhD was focussed on comparing the vapour/gas adsorption properties of synthetic calcium carbonate phases (calcite, vaterite and aragonite) with chalk, which is composed of biogenic calcite (>98%). In combination with data from nanotechniques, the results demonstrate the complexity of chalk behavior and the role of nanoscale clay particles. The results demonstrate that wetting properties cannot be predicted by considering chalk only as calcite