Nano-Science Center Retreat 2015 – Københavns Universitet

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Nano-Science Center Retreat 2015

April 24-25, 2015 at Magleås Kursuscenter


Friday April 24, 2015

12-13:                Lunch

13-14:                Welcome, program and status: Education – Bionano1, BioNano3                           and UCN. Student uptake and activities at NSC (Chairman: Per                               Hedegård)

                           Status for uptake and study program: Per Hedegård 

                           Bionano1: Nikos Hatzakis 

                           BioNano3: Karen Martinez 

                           UCN: Tom Vosch 

                           Brief discussion

14-16:                 5 short presentations 

                          Tue Hassenkam: “NanoIR2 - spectra with nm resolution”

                          Thomas Sand: "Novel electronic oxide interfaces”

                          Sanne Schoffelen: "Clicking proteins - from site-specific                                               immobilization to the production of toxic enzymes"

                          Thorsten Hansen: “Coherent multi-dimensional spectroscopy -                                     challenges and opportunities”

16-16:15:          Coffee, cake

16:15-17:          Peter Høngaard Andersen, Innovationsfonden

17-18:30:          Group work

                         Strategy for funding, how do we use NSC the best way?

                         Future focus points of the NSC, what do the research groups need?

                         Scientific topics? 

                         The nanoscience education, new initiatives and possible                                              improvements

19:00:                Dinner

20:30:               Short presentations from the groups and continued discussions 

Saturday, April 25

9-10:15:            3 short presentations 

                         Kim Dalby: “Multi-scale imaging”

                         Dimitrios Stamou: “Proton pumping and slippage dynamics of a                                    eukaryotic P-ATPase studied at the single-molecule level”

                         Martin Andersson: “Macroscopic wettability predicted from molecular                            behavior”

10:15-10:30     Coffee, fruit

10:30-12           4 short presentations 

                        Matthias Arenz: ”Cluster Science – ideas and open questions on                                   synthesis, size selection and properties”

                        Jan Rossmeisl: Electrocatalysis - chemistry and energy

                        Bo W. Laursen: ”Do the formation of molecular aggregates in water                             require the presence of monomers?

                        Dirk Müter: ”Tomography and Computer Simulations: Natural Porous                             Materials”

12:00:                Lunch and end of retreat