Lund-Copenhagen-Tokyo-Beijing Workshop on Quantum Devices – Københavns Universitet

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Lund-Copenhagen-Tokyo-Beijing Workshop on Quantum Devices

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List of speakers

Speakers from University of Tokyo

Akira Oiwa: Cooper pair splitting in parallel quantum dot Josephson junctions
Giles Allison: Coupling a quantum dot in an InSb nanowire to a superconducting resonator
Juergen Sailer: a.c. Josephson effect in Niobium/InSb nanowire junctions
Yasushi Kanai: Josephson current through an InSb nanowire with a strong spin-orbit interaction

Speakers from Lund University

Heiner Linke: Thermoelectric transport in quantum dots
Peter Samuelsson: Nonlocal electron transport through nanoscale conductors in microwave cavities
Andreas Wacker: Two-level interference in nanosystems
Mingtang Deng: Zero-bias conductance peak in Josephson quantum dot junctions with and without Majorana fermions
Kristian Storm: Spatially resolved Hall measurements in core-shell InP nanowires
Guangyao Huang: Signatures of Majorana fermions in hybrid Superconductor-Semiconductor-Superconductor Josephson nanowire devices

Speakers from Peking University

Shaoyun Huang
Si and Ge nanowire based quantum dots for spin qubits

Speakers from University of Copenhagen

Martin Leijnse: Coupling Spin Qubits via Superconductors
Ferdinand Kuemmeth: Hole spin physics in Ge-Si core-shell nanowires
Johannes Beil: Microwave control of the exchange-only spin
Gediminas Kirsanskas: Spin induced subgap states in superconductor/quantum dot/superconductor junctions