Seminar: Jonathan Heddle – Københavns Universitet

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Seminar: Jonathan Heddle

A Sem-Synthetic Biology Approach to Bionanoscience

Bionanoscience is a new discipline in which biological molecules, typically nucleic acids and proteins are used as building blocks to construct novel, artificial structures. It is anticipated that the ability to design biological structures in this way will lead to new materials, drugs and even nano-robots. Perhaps most promisingly, by virtue of their biological nature, bionano structures may be particularly useful for interacting with living systems, giving them potential as therapeutics. In this presentation. Here I will give examples of our bionano and biochemistry research work which includes protein  engineering and DNA origami approaches. Particular focus will be given to recent work in constructing self assembled protein nanotubes and hollow protein spheres.

Jonathan Heddle is head of Heddle Initiative Research Unit,
Institute of Advanced Science, RIKEN