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Science SLAM og match-making

Can you present your work in three minutes?

Do you want to know what other students within nanoscience are working on right now?

Then participate in SCIENCE SLAM Competition 2013

Friday May 24 you will have the chance to present your work in three minutes for fellow students and colleagues at Nano-Science Center. After the SLAM Competition all are invited for a match making event at D203 where there will be served drinks.

Judges from different fields of nanoscience will be evaluating your presentation and a crowd listening to you.

Register for the event:

Please note, this event requires registration. 

Sign up by sending an email before May 10th to: Gitte Runge:
Please state: Your name, your group affiliation, your study level (Ms or PhD).
You can also choose to fill out this registration form.

Maximum 25 students can participate in the competition.


13.00 - 15.00: Presentations in aud. 5

15.00 -  : Match making, drinks and the winner is announced in D203

Students signing up for the competition will be offered a crash course in Presenting with Impact May 14 from 9-12.

Chris Rycroft from Percepti Global will do a workshop on Impact management. This is a unique opportunity for all of you to gain valuable and personal experience on a  subject which can be used in a multitude of situations including exams, job interviews, delivering research papers, work and private engagement.
Learn how to :
-  structure your message and your presentation

-  Capture your audience within 90 seconds and never let them go

-  Understand what is going on in the minds of your audience so you can react accordingly and create more interest 

-  improve your impact on teachers and censors at exams

-  maximize colleagues and ‘bosses’ respect for you at work

-  optimize your performance in job interviews

Chris will shape his workshop according to the number of people attending, therefore it is extremely important that we can count on you showing up.

The presentations will be reviewed according the following criteria:

Clarity of presentation, presentation art, timing & balance, scientific content, complexity of subject, inventive step, impact/results and background coverage.