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Nano-Science Center Seminar

Nano-Science Center Seminar Series is a type of seminars where group leaders at Nano-Science Center will give a talk about their work. After the talk the speaker invites all participants to have a drink in the lunch room in bulding D. Everybody is invited to participate both - researchers and students.

This month Nico Bovet til give a lecture about: A look at the electrical double layer


When a solution is in contact with a surface, a so-called electrical double layer (EDL) is formed within the first few nm above the interface. The chemical composition of this EDL, often different than the bulk, is governed by the surface chemical properties, charges and structure. We have developed a technique, using cryo X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (cryo-XPS) which allows to characterise the EDL and improve our understanding of chemical and physical properties of natural surfaces. These properties control natural phenomena such as precipitation and dissolution, and processes such as how to remediate polluted water or how to release more oil from existing reservoir.