SDC building at Yanqihu, China

Nano-Science Center has since 2013 offered a two-year double degree Master’s programme in nanoscience and technology at the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research (SDC) in Beijing. Each year around twenty students are enrolled in the Master’s programme and ten PhD projects are initiated.

The education offers a unique opportunity for research-based teaching in a thriving interdisciplinary field while getting a once in a lifetime intercultural experience in China.

2020 was an interesting year where the coronavirus pandemic gave the collaboration a new dimension with online teaching, postponing of exam, study trips and conference, no international travels and so on. However, the situation also offered a lot of opportunities, online meetings became a new normal so it became easier to arrange informal meetings for researcher and students. It also allowed a new concept to be introduced “Klassens time” with topics like favorite Chinese/Danish music videos, how to make a “julestjerne” and “charades”

The students who started in 2019 got to spend half a year at the Yanqihu Campus in SDC building, but due to the corona outbreak had to return for their hometown or Denmark in late January 2020. The Danish students have not been allowed back to China since, however the Chinese students came back to campus in May.

The class of 2020 started the semester in September in their hometowns and therefor had the chance to show their cities, homes, and hobbies, before they all move into the Yanqihu Campus late September.  

In October the Master’s thesis presentation seminar was held online for the second-year students where first year students could listen in.

The first online Danish-Chinese Quantum Frontier Seminar was held with more than 100 participants also in October. First- and second-year students joined the seminar, and Danish and Chinese researchers gave keynote reports focusing on fields of quantum science and technology. The conference was organised in collaboration with QDevil, Niels Bohr Institute, and Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai.

With vaccine programs coming along both in China and Denmark the hope is that students, teachers and researchers soon will be able to meet in person in either China or Denmark.

Blenden teaching

SDC is a partnership between all eight Danish universities, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS).

The overall objective is to promote and strengthen collaboration between Danish and Chinese learning environments and increase mobility of students and researchers between Denmark and China.

Nano-Science Center, iNano and National Center for Nanoscience and Technology are leading the Master’s programme in nanoscience and technology. The education is SU eligible and both full degree (120) and semester students (30 ECTS) are accepted. 

For more information click HERE or contact program coordinator Vibe Thybo Drostgaard   

Blended teaching