The Greater Copenhagen Nanoscience Seminar

This seminar series is organized by the three nanoscience hubs located in the Copenhagen-Lund area. The aim is to to increase awareness about our mutual capabilities and to inspire collaborations.

Within a radius of just 25 km, the Copenhagen-Lund region features three strong hubs for nanoscience, with complementary strengths, scientific focus and capabilities:

  • the Nano-Science Center at the University of Copenhagen
  • NanoLund at Lund University
  • a cluster of groups at the Technical University of Denmark

Each hub comprises more than 30 research groups from several disciplines and several hundred staff, has developed advanced facilities for synthesis, characterization and fabrication of nanostructures, has a strong track record in translating discoveries into new technologies, and each is heavily engaged in education at all levels.

Our joint vision is to discover, invent and develop nanosystems with functionalities that emerge from the designed interaction between highly controlled and tunable building blocks.

By combining highly controlled building blocks from very different material systems to realize advanced, functional systems, we aim to jointly address challenges that are out of reach for an individual center.

The aim of this seminar series is to increase awareness about our mutual capabilities and to inspire collaborations.

Scheduled talks and topics


In order to achieve effective cross-fertilization, we will test a seminar format of 15 + 5 for three speakers (one from each of the nanoscience hubs), followed by a general panel discussion.


The Zoom link will be e-mailed to all members of the three research environments. In case you are interested and have not received the link, please contact: