Nano-Science Seminar: Kasper Nørgaard

We invite you to join us at Nano-Science Seminar, February 9th 15:00 at HCØ. Kasper Nørgaard will give a talk titled 'Chemically derived graphene in conducting inks, composite coatings and molecular electronics'.


We employ a chemical and highly scalable method to synthesize graphene from graphite using a mild oxidation and reduction scheme. The produced graphene materials find applications in printable conducting inks and polymer composites for antistatic coatings and corrosion protection. The talk will also present our recent progress in the fabrication and measurements of large-area molecular electronic devices employing graphene materials as a soft top-contact. The graphene material serves a dual purpose in that it protects the underlying monolayer from filamentary damage when evaporating a metal top electrode, while itself functioning as a transparent, conducting electrode. The resulting solid-state devices are permanent and robust, even at cryogenic temperatures, and can accommodate a diverse range of functional molecular layers, including e.g. photo- and redox-switches.