Nano-Science Seminar: Vito Foderà

We invite you to join us at Nano-Science Seminar, November 24th 15:00 at HCØ where Vito Foderà will give a talk with the title 'Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms behind Protein Self-Assembly'. 


Protein self-assembly into amyloid fibrils or superstructures is closely linked to neurodegenerative pathologies as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson´s diseases. Moreover, protein assemblies also emerged as building blocks for bio-inspired nanostructured materials. In both the above mentioned fields the main challenge is to control the growth and properties of the final aggregated structure. This relies on a fundamental understanding of how interactions between proteins can determine structures, morphologies and functions of biomolecular aggregates. I will present some of our recent results based on the use of electron and fluorescence microscopy, Small-Angle X-ray scattering, CD and IR spectroscopy coupled with theoretical modeling of the data. The focus will be on the structural variability of amyloid aggregates (with a major emphasis on superstructures) and interactions of fibrils with model membranes. The possibility to use protein self-assembled species as materials for drug delivery will also be discussed.