Science Dating 2020

Join us for Science Dating 20 November 2020 and get an idea of your future. Meet businesses, hear what they expect from you and let them know what you have to offer. All students are welcome.  


12-13: Business representatives have lunch with researchers 

13-14: 5-minute presentations from all businesses

14-16: Dating rounds of 10-15 minutes with 1-3 students

How to as a student?

You show up at HCØ Friday 20 November at 13:00. All the businesses give a 5-minute presentation. Afterwards, you go to the south end of the hall in HCØ, where you "date" the business representatives, together with a friend or individually, just write your name(s) on the board. Your preparation: 3 bullets on your professional interests – the elevator speech.

If you have any questions, please contact Tine on or 21162070.