The Greater Copenhagen Nanoscience Seminar: Jesper Nygård

On 18 June 2021 at 15:15 Jesper Nygård from UCPH will give a talk at the Greater Copenhagen Nanoscience Seminar titled 'Still going strong - Old nanowires, new tricks'.

Talk abstract
Nanowires in quantum devicesSemiconductor nanowires were pioneered in Lund 20 years back. During the past decades these nanomaterials have been implemented in several branches of physics, photonics, bioscience and nanotechnology. I will give a few key examples from the research on quantum devices in Copenhagen; hybrid quantum dot systems, superconducting devices and units for quantum computing/simulations [1]. In the second part, I will present some of the new nanowire-based structures that were developed for these experiments, e.g. double-wires, kinks, superconducting core-shell structures, shadow junctions, and cross sections [2-4]. Hopefully, that this can lead to a joint discussion on how some of these advances in materials science and nanofabrication might find applications also outside the field of quantum devices. The talk will be 30 minutes followed directly by this discussion.

[1] E. Prada et al., Nature Reviews Physics (2020) [and references therein]
[2] T. Kanne et al., Double nanowires for hybrid quantum devices, arXiv:2103.13938
[3] D. Carrad et al., Shadow Epitaxy for In Situ Growth of Generic Semiconductor/Superconductor Hybrids, Advanced Materials (2020)
[4] T. Kanne et al., Epitaxial Pb on InAs nanowires for quantum devices, Nature Nanotechnology (2021)

Short Bio: Jesper Nygård, Professor, Center for Quantum Devices & Nano-Science Center, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

Jesper Nygård

Jesper Nygård is a professor of condensed matter physics at the Niels Bohr Institute. He holds a PhD in experimental physics (2000) and has worked at CNRS (France), Harvard and Berkeley University (US). His research has focused on electron transport in low-dimensional semiconductors, superconductors and nanostructures, bridging the areas of materials science and quantum devices. For the past decade his group has developed novel devices based on semiconductor nanowires. He is co-founder of the Center for Quantum Devices ( and former head of the Nano-Science Center, Copenhagen.

Zoom link
The Zoom link will be e-mailed to all members of the three research environments. In case you are interested and have not received the link, please contact:

About GCN Seminar 
The Greater Copenhagen Nanoscience (GCN) Seminar series is organized by the three nanoscience hubs located in the Copenhagen-Lund area. The aim is to to increase awareness about our mutual capabilities and to inspire collaborations. Read more about the seminar series here.