03 January 2012

10 MDDK for the extension for the Danish-Chinese Center for Molecular Nano-Electronics

The Danish-Chinese Center for Molecular Nano-Electronics has received notice of the extension of the centre period from 2012-2015 from the Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

The extension of the centre period will provide basis for excellent research and valuable research collaborations across borders. From the beginning, strong attention has been put on developing the bilateral research project and student exchange. A key priority is to advance the contact between students and researchers from Denmark and China to ensure joint ownership of the scientific projects and with the goal of stimulating and furtherance the danish-chinese research collaboration.

The common scientific goal of the work in the center is to design and synthesize organic molecules that are programmed to self-assemble in predetermined structures with a desired electronic function. The function itself is not carried alone within the single molecules but is created when they assemble in the right order. Thermoelectric, electric, and optical properties are the focus and the academic root lies within the supramolecular and materialscientific part of nanotechnology.