25 June 2015

Nanoscience Dwarfparty 2015 - Beer Pong and Homemade Rockets

19th of June nanoscience held their annual nanoscience dwarfparty, which featured BBQ, Beer Pong, foosball and last but not least homemade rockets. The event took place in the southern end of the central corridor at HCØ, where both students, academic staff and administrative staff were present .

Dwarfparty and Rockets

Before dinner kicked off, people were gathered outside for a game of rocket shooting, where students competed against professors about who could shoot their rocket furthest up in the air.

A bicycle pump and half a liter of mineral water later, the first rockets were in the air.

Both sides fought hard in the pursuit of victory, and one team even cheated a bit.

The professors had used dry ice, which made their rockets fly higher than the student rockets - a doubtful victory for the professors.

Nanoscience dwarfparty has a tradition of bringing people together through a project, that must be addressed jointly. Last year all went and built a catapult - this year it was homemade rockets.

The Importance of the Dwarfparty

Before the students, academic staff and administrative staff sat down, the center director, Bo Wegge Laursen, said a few words.

He began by first congratulating the many relieved students, who had completed their exams and especially those who recently had turned in their bachelor project.

Bo Wegge Laursen stressed that the nanoscience dwarfparty is an important annual event, that unites students, academic staff and administrative staff.

The dwarfparty creates a common nano-identity among all associated with the Nano-Science Centre. This is important as it enhances the community across disciplines.

DJ and great atmosphere

After dinner the DJ slowly set up his gear and people made room for the dancefloor. Alongside various beergames were played - especially beer pong was a success.

You can view more pictures of the party on our facebook page