12 February 2013

Grants for research in bionanomedicines

Eduardo Antonio Della Pia has received almost 3 MDKK for his research project: Nano-RA - Biofunctionalised nanowires for rheumatoid arthritis sensing. Over the coming 3 years, he will - as part of Karen Martinez' Nanobiogruppe - work to develop a system that will help to improve diagnostic techniques using nanowires. He will study how various biological molecules can be put onto the nanowires and selectively bind a number of biomarkers changing the physical properties of the nanowires. This change can be detected with modern electronic equipment. The technique is expected to have a high sensitivity thanks to the nanometer dimensions of the nanowires and the system could provide the necessary data to detect diseases at an early stage and quickly initiate treatment.

Moien Moghimi has received 5 MDKK to his project: CANelid NanoOnco-Therapeutics (CAMNOT): A Single-chain camelid anti-HER2 antibody-based approach for targeting of optimized nanocarrieres to breast cancer. The grant will be used for the development of highly effective libraries liposome- and polymer micelle-based nanomedicines for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer that occurs in women and more than 410.000 patients die from breast cancer worldwide.