09 July 2007

The first nano student have graduated

The Øresund region’s first students with a master’s degree in nanotechnology have now completed their exam at the University of Copenhagen.

Christian Rein Hansen is the first student in the region that holds the title Master of Science in Nanotechnology. He has studied for five years at Nano-Science Center, University of Copenhagen.

»There are many opportunities to find an exciting position with my qualifications, obtained from the education« says Christian

Expansion of skilled nano workforce starts now

He is the first student out of a batch that started in 2002. At Lund University the education started in 2003 and at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) it started in 2004. So the coming years, the input of skilled nano workforce in the region will escalate.

A study with plenty of practical experience

The study of nanotechnology is a mix between laboratory activities - working with the bricks of nature - and lectures.

»I have spent a lot of time together with researchers in our laboratories at the center« says Christian, and explains he want to continue to work and research within nanotechnology.

An interdisciplinary education

The basic education includes both physics, chemistry and biology, but nanosystems are a central from the beginning. Students with a degree in nanotechnology are much-coveted on the job market both in Øresund and abroad. The knowledge offered by nanoscience is going to be important for all fields of technology.