07 September 2009

China in Denmark

China and Denmark move a step closer to each other - at least within the area: Molecular Nanoelectronics, when the Nano-Science Center opens the doors to a new research center on September 7th. 
Danish Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Helge Sander will, together with researchers from Denmark and China, open  "Danish-Chinese Centre for Molecular Nanoelectronics", which was just established with a grant of 15 million kroner from the Danish National Research Foundation.

Ideal setting

Since 2006 Danish researchers from the Nano-Science Center, the Department of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen and Chinese researchers at the Chinese Academy of the Sciences in Beijing have been working together to develop electronic components out of "plastic", which in the long term could be used in the electronics-, energy- and communication industries.

- The new center is the ideal setting for exchanging researchers and students and it is the best foundation for a good and fruitful research collaboration. Now we have the opportunity to work together with some of the best researchers in the world within the field of nanoelectronics. We have different research expertise in China and in Denmark and with the collaboration we can complement each other, explains Director of Nano-Science Center Professor Thomas Bjørnholm.

Beyond the research aspect emphasis will be placed on the development of a joint education program with the exchange of students and young researchers. The ambition is that there will be a constant exchange of Danish and Chinese students and researchers.  

More Information

Contact coordinator Mai Valentin Nielsen: 0045 30505691
Professor Thomas Bjørnholm: 0045  35321835