29 April 2015

Nanoscience info meeting, on a sunny spring day

After two hours of presentations by first year students, the study council, heads of studies and two former students, a handful of curious visitors remained to find out yet more about nanoscience. The meeting then relocated to the less formal setting of the August Krogh building’s café.

Focus on the maybes

It was Nano-Science Center’s first informational meeting, a gathering intended to provide young prospects with an informed background upon which to make the right educational choices for themselves. The meeting was geared for anyone still in doubt about nanoscience after the Open House event.

There are four and a half months between February’s Open House and the date when students are required to decide upon a programme of study, and it can be a long and uncertain period. Nano-Science Center’s hope was to provide students with a deeper understanding of and provide further information about what the nanoscience programme is all about.

Personal expectations

“I expected to find out whether or not I wanted to study nanoscience. And I did, I found out that I really wanted to. It sounds really exciting.”

Julie Andersen


The two-hour engagement addressed employment among other topics. Two former students discussed their jobs and the topic proved to be a popular one on the agenda.

Many questions popped up about employment during the 30 minute Q&A.

In the picture, from left to right, are former students Martin Iglsø Andersen and Titoo Jain. Both came to discuss their jobs. Martin works as a software specialist at QuantumWise A/S, and Titoo as a product manager at Haldor Topsøe. They were enthused about the event and remarked that they wished there had been a similar one when they began their studies.

More pictures from the nanoscience info meeting