07 February 2011

Morten Meldal is the new professor in nanochemistry

The list of publications and honorary awards is long and with an H-index of 48 it is most definitely a qualified professor who will move into the office on the ground floor in the D-building. Starting March 1st, 57-year-old Morten Meldal will fill the position as professor in nanochemistry at the Department of Chemistry.

- "It is a huge challenge for me to join the Nano-Science Center where many researchers with different interests are gathered. I am used to working in a multidisciplinary field and look forward to exploring this to the fullest", says Morten Meldal, who has been the leader of the "Solid Phase Organic Combinatorial Chemistry Center" at Carlsberg since 1988.

Throughout his 22 years at Carlsberg Morten has participated in the development of numerous acknowledged and widely used techniques. Among other things he has developed a sophisticated technology platform which he will bring with him from Carlsberg, where for the last two years he has studied how to make enzymes from barley.

- "I look forward to doing fundamental research again. I take a philosophical point of view and appreciate the thought of doing research beneficial to society as a whole, for instance through the development of new nanomedicine. One of my personal qualities is my ability to solve problems. I have participated in the development of techniques and chemistry which, to this day, are utilized by many researchers all over the world" says Morten Meldal who among other things developed "click"-chemistry to construct large complex molecular architectures as a kind of molecular LEGO.

Since obtaining his Master's degree from DTU in 1980, Morten Meldal has worked as postdoc at the University of Cambridge in England, at DTU and at the University of Copenhagen as well as working as professor at Carlsberg. In 2004 he became honorary professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

- "I've worked on the nanoscale for many years so it was natural to me to apply for the position. I've worked with nanocatalysts which is an area that will take great benefit from collaborations with researchers at the Nano-Science Center", says Morten Meldal, who is already applying for external funds for the research he will be doing at the Department of Chemistry.

- "In the beginning, apart from applying for funds and grants, I will spend time to establish myself in this new position. I believe that good internal communication gives us the opportunity to learn from each other's experiences, either through informal conversations or via databases of our research and facilities. I hope to participate in the establishment of a strong and attractive research environment so we can attract the very best of the young students both from Denmark and from abroad. I look forward to interact with the students and to teach again", Morten Meldal finishes.