28 June 2011

Professor Morten Meldal Chemistry receives U.S. award

Head of Nano-Science Center, University of Copenhagen, Professor Morten Meldal will on June 30, 2011 receive the du Vigneaud Award for his lifelong work with research on peptides.

The prize is named after the American biochemist Vincent du Vigneaud, who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1955.

Morten Meldal has developed new methods, instruments and chemical tools that have defined the research field of peptide chemistry. Meldal receives the award for his development of Click chemistry, that is used to construct large, complex molecular architectures and for his work with biocompatible resin materials for peptide synthesis.

The du Vigneaud price is awarded annually by the American Peptide Society and Professor Morten Meldal will give at talk on "Synthesis and Analysis of Peptides Using Enzymes in PEG-based Solid Supports" at The 22nd American Peptide Symposium in San Diego in late June, where he receives the award.