09 December 2008

4.5 million Euro to Boost Nanotech Development

It is the EU fund for regional development - Interreg IV - that, together with the universities and the regions, put 4.5 million euro into a new project which will bring nanotechnology research within the universities out to industry.

The funding goes to the nano centres in the Øresund Region and Western Sweden. Project partners are the universities, regions and the Imego Institute in Göteborg. In an international comparison, this consortium is one of the five strongest nanotech research clusters in the EU. This initiative will focus on bringing nanotechnology out to industry by bringing knowledge and actors across Øresund and Kattegat together.

- This new collaboration will strengthen our competitiveness and really bring us to the top of the world. Having these strong participants joining forces, we will be able to use the enormous potential of this part of Europe to commercialise nanotechnology, says Daniel Kronmann, Project Manager at the Øresund Univer-sity, a partner working for enabling the collaboration.

Press Contact
Prof. Thomas Bjørnholm, Director, Nano-Science Center, phone: +45 35 32 18 35
Mr. Bengt Streijffert, Director, Øresund University, phone: +46 733 86 17 74
Mr. Daniel Kronmann, Project Manager, Øresund University, phone: +46 734 34 03 34