27 January 2009

Nanotechnology start-up gets a flying start

"QuantumWise" is the name of a newly founded scientific software company, which defies the financial crisis and hires new staff.

- We have found a unique niche, and we experience a significant interest in our products from the world's largest electronics companies, says QuantumWise CEO, Kurt Stokbro. The company is a start-up born at the Nano-Science Center and the E-Science Center at Copenhagen University in Denmark.

The company develops software which in particular can be used for research related to future electronic devices such as transistors and memory circuits. This paves the way for computers and storage devices with radically better performance and capacity than today.

- We develop simulation and design tools for nanotechnology. Our products allow researchers and engineers to perform nano-scale simulations which complement experiments and thereby shorten the development process for companies involved in nanotechnology, continues Kurt Stokbro. QuantumWise has acquired the products from the estate of the bankrupt Atomistix A/S, and demand for the software is so large that the company is profitable already from day one. Six people have now been hired, but the CEO expects to expand the company in the near future.

- The market potential in this area is enormous. At the moment we are the only company in the world that offers a product for such simulations, which are essential for the development of next-generation electronics, and therefore I expect a tremendous increase in demand for our products, says Kurt Stokbro.

Future electronic devices might be made of carbon in structures as illustrated above.

Future electronic devices might be made of carbon in structures as illustrated above.


Kurt Stokbro, CEO
phone 51320610
e-mail: kurt.stokbro@quantumwise.com