02 June 2015

Nano-Science Centre Retreat – Big Success Again

The research was flourishing at this years Nano-Science Centre retreat, held at Magleå’s conference centre between the 24-25 of April. Among other things the retreat offered presentations from the Nano-Science Centre's research groups, as well as a presentation from the director of Innovation Fund Denmark, Peter Høngaard Andersen.

Limiting the enrolment at Nanoscience 

The retreat took place again at the beautifully situated Magleå’s conference centre in Høsterkøb, overlooking Sjælsø. The weather was just as beautiful, creating the perfect setting for this year's Nano-Science Centre retreat.

The retreat began with a presentation by director of studies, Per Hedegård, who informed about status for uptake and study program. In this context, the number of students enrolled to the nanoscience education, was highlighted. This year, the Nano-Science Centre tried to get the 2015 enrolment limited to 50 students, but the dean turned down this request. The Nano-Science Centre will try again for the 2016 enrolment. The goal is to raise the grade point average of the enrolled students in order to get the best students, but also reduce the number of dropouts. 

Presentation from Innovation Fund Denmark

Director and general manager of Innovation Fund Denmark, Peter Høngaard Andersen, caused great excitement among the participants at the retreat. He has 25 years of management experience, most recently as chief scientific officer of the pharmaceutical 

In 2015, Innovation Fund Denmark will invest almost 1.6 billion DKK in various projects that creates growth and jobs in Denmark.company Lundbeck, and has long and broad experience in both research and development projects.

Among other things Peter Høngaard Andersen informed of three kinds of investments that Innovation Fund Denmark can offer: Large scale, InnoBooster, and Talents. These are three entrances to avail of, if you want to seek investment for your idea. Peter Høngaard Andersen told about Innovation Fund Denmark in general, but also about his visions for the Fund. This caused great excitement with chemistry professor, Jan Rossmeisl.

”First of, it was thrilling to hear Peter Høngaard Andersen and Innovation Fund Denmark’s views on applied research. In addition, Peter Høngaard Andersen had some interesting visions of how more companies, could be part of a larger joint research effort in specific areas. " - Jan Rossmeisl

Head of the Nano-Science Centre, Bo Wegge Laursen, was also very positive about the presentation from Peter Høngaard Andersen. "The retreat was a fantastic opportunity to hear directly from the Director, about the visions and opportunities which exist within Innovation Fund Denmark. Furthermore it was great that our scientists had the opportunity for a personal discussion with the director, regarding specific research ideas." - Bo Wegge Laursen

The Retreat is important

The retreat featured mostly presentations from research groups, and thorough discussion of these. Bo Wegge Laursen sees the retreat as an important annual event that unites the Nano-Science Centre on discussions, regarding research and education. 

"The retreat is important because researchers have an opportunity to know what is going on in other nanoscience groups - new ideas for solutions to problems occurs as well as exciting new collaborations. At the retreat there is time and space for discussion of open questions. One has a problem, but maybe there is another in the centre, which have the solution, such as a method/technique to solve the problem.

It is important that senior researchers spend time together - leading to better cooperation, also for the students. New ideas often become shared student projects and applications. Last but not least, it is also an important opportunity to discuss how we continue to improve the quality of the nanoscience education. " - Bo Wegge Laursen