Evolutionary Chemical Biology (CECB)

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A research group at the University of Copenhagen at the Department of Chemistry.

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Morten Meldal
Professor, Head of CECB
Evolutionary Chemical Biology:
Phone: +45 353 20210; e-mail: meldal at nano.ku.dk

Lone Mortensen
Department of Chemistry
Phone: +45 353 20300; e-mail: lone at Chem.ku.dk

Evolutionary Chemical Biology
Universitetsparken 5
Evolutionary Chemical Biology is located 14 km from Kastrup International Airport and 2.5 - 3 km north-east of the center of Copenhagen and the Central Station.

It can be reached from the airport by taxi in less than 30 minutes.
Alternatively, you may take the metro from the airport towards Nørreport and change to bus 150S at Nørreport station.
Finally, you may also travel by train to Nørreport station or Valby station and from there by bus 150S and 18, respectively. Bus 150S from Nørreport will take you to a stop on the main road at Nørre Allé and 18 from Valby will take you to a stop on Jagtvej at the Zoological Museeum.

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