Green Material from Natural Fiber and Water Purification Membranes

CECB employs controled thin-layer polymer technology to produce aquaporin- containing polymer membranes for water purification. Nanotechnology and self-assembly processes are used to control the membrane structure and function.  The project is a collaboration between CECB, AquaZ and the Danish Foundation for Advanced Technology.

CECB also utilizes long experience in polymer chemistry in an attempt to convert waste streams of agriculture into new fiber-based materials with special properties for packaging, construction and home utilities. The resulting biodegradable plastics are produced from 100% non-fossils. The polymers are dense and non porous and can be moulded into various shapes. Chemical surface modification of the fibers by environment-friendly gas-phase reactions subsequently ensures covalent anchoring of the fibers in the polymer leading to extraordinary strong materials at low cost.