Nanomaterial Structure

We are a young group at Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, studying the relations between atomic structure, properties and the synthesis of new nanomaterials. Our aim is to obtain an atomistic understanding of new advanced materials, taking us to the point where we can make ‘materials by design’  – materials tailored to give specific properties for applications in e.g. catalysis, solar cells and other energy technologies.
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Nanomaterial Structure

Nano-Science Center, Department of Chemistry, Universitetsparken 5, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Kirsten M. Ø. Jensen

Assistant Professor
Office: DS08
Phone: +45 3533 4797

Seminars & Events

  • 3 July 2020, 10:00

    PhD DEFENSE: Johannes Thomsen

    On 3 July at 10:00 Johannes Thomsen will give a public lecture on his PhD thesis titled 'Investigating Stochastic Behavior of Individual Proteins and Their Assemblies: Experimental and Machine Learning Methodologies'.  ... »

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