Tom Vosch has a background in single molecule fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy. During his PhD, he studied the fluorescent properties of rylene labeled dendrimers at the single molecule level, resulting in the demonstration of several Förster type energy transfer processes like energy hopping, singlet-singlet annihilation and singlet-triplet annihilation at the single molecule level. As a postdoctoral fellow, he got interested in the unique fluorescence properties of small noble metal clusters and their applications in life and material sciences. He also initiated research leading to the discovery of bright photo stable fluorescent silver clusters in zeolites. These materials can find applications in solar cells, fluorescent lamps, LEDs and optical storage devices. His research group at the University of Copenhagen is mainly focussed on noble metal cluster fluorescence and single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy.

The group has built up single molecule fluorescence detection techniques (confocal piezo scanning and wide field), fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, micro-Raman spectroscopy and time-correlated single photon counting techniques. The group consists currently out of 1 associate professor, 2 PhD students and 2 Postdoctoral fellow.


We are continuously expanding the lab. Currently we have three fluorescence microscopes (one wide field and two confocal) and a range of CW and pulsed lasers, covering the visible region. We also have a pulsed continuum laser. One of the confocal microscopes is equipped with a piezoelectric scanner, 2 avalanche photodiodes (APD) for single molecule fluorescence measurements and a Princeton Spectrograph to acquire fluorescence as well as Raman spectra. Signal from the APDs are collected by a Becker & Hickl SPC-830 time-correlated single photon counting card which allows to reconstruct fluorescence decay time profiles, intensity traces and intensity correlation (e.g. like F.C.S.)

Laser sources at wide field microscope setup.

Confocal microscope setup with piezo scanner.