ERC Starting Grant Project: CHEMHEAT

From 2010 until 2015 we had a large project under an ERC starting grant.

Central challenges of the project

The project had three central challenges:

  1. Developing chemical control of local heating in molecular junctions
  2. Developing chemical control of heat dissipation in molecular junctions
  3. Developing optimal molecular thermoelectric materials

As current passes through a molecule, the tunneling electrons can gain or lose energy through their interactions with the vibrational degrees of freedom. This results in an inelastic electron tunneling spectrum, a type of vibrational spectroscopy, but can also induce changes in the molecule. We are interested in how to modulate these excitation and dissipation processes with chemical modifications to the system.

By understanding these processes, together with an understanding of electrical and thermal conductivity in these junctions, we hope to be able to design improved thermolelectric materials.


Post docs
Mikkel Strange
Falco Hüser

PhD Students
Jacob Lykkebo Jørgensen
Qian Li
Tim Hansen
Anders Borges