Stamou Group

Our lab is developing disruptive technologies to study the biophysical properties of membranes and membrane proteins on the nanoscale using fluorescence microscopy. Membrane proteins are one of the most important classes of proteins in biology comprising more than 60% of existing pharmaceutical targets. Biological membranes enable the function of membrane proteins and therefore play a key role themselves in governing a plethora of biological processes. Our work uncovers hitherto unknown nanoscale properties of membrane and membrane proteins that ultimately dictate cell behavior, and consequently provides a path towards new generations of therapeutic agents based on entirely new biological principles.

The exciting problems we are investigating are situated at the interface of biology, physics and nanotechnology, and to address them experimentally we have assembled a dynamic, interdisciplinary, group of top-tier biophysicists, biochemists, molecular biologists, and nanotechnologists. Our grants and student projects are frequently in collaboration with world-leading industrial partners including Aquaporin, Chr. Hansen, Novozymes and Novo Nordisk.

Research keywords
Nanoscale membrane biophysics, membrane curvature, single molecules, fluorescence microscopy, Ras, G protein coupled receptors, primary and secondary active transporters.