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Funding - Stamou Group Funding Sources

The Stamou Group would like to acknowledge financial support from the following sources:

Lundbeck Foundation Center for Biomembrane in Nanomedicine
34 million DK
The Lundbeck Foundation 

GPCR-Nanoscreen: Nanoscale High Content Analysis
23 million DKK
Danish Research Councils for Independent and Strategic Research

IBISS: Industrial Biomimetic Sensing and Separation
2.9 million DKK
Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation

PUMPS: Molecular analysis of P-type ATPases from single vesicle to single molecule
1.8 million DKK
Danish Councils for Research and Innovation

Functional Plasicity og G-Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) activation og G-protein
1.2 miilon DKK
The Lundbeck Foundation

"BioSYNergy"UNIK-Synthetic Biology
UCPH Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research, University of Copenhagen 2016 funds and Danish Council for Research and Innovation