Nano-Science Center Seminar: Thorsten Hansen

January 9th Thorsten Hansen will give a talk for the Nano-Science Center Seminar Series.

Title of the talk: 
Chemistry and Electronics in Photosynthesis: What multi-dimensional coherent spectroscopy and quantum simulations can teach us about the optical, electronic and catalytic processes in photosynthesis.

Place: Aud. 5, HCØ


15:00: The talk in Aud. 5
16.00: Snacks in D-buildings Lunch room (D203)

All students and researchers are welcome to join.

Abstract: Fluctuating protein structures are able to regulate and fine-tune electron transfer to obtain near-perfect charge separation and to operate efficient catalytic sites at virtually no over-potential. A prominent example is the oxygen evolving complex in green plants where water is oxidized to oxygen. All oxygen of the atmosphere was produced here, but we do not understand how.

Emerging ultra-fast spectroscopies, such as 2D electronic spectroscopy, are providing a new level of details on these processes. I will explain the new features of these spectroscopies, and how and why quantum simulations are indispensible companions to the experiments.

Our project is based on the hypothesis that these experimental techniques able to probe the quantum mechanical coherences of electronic processes will be what is needed to reveal the mechanistic insights that we need to obtain inexpensive and abundant solar fuels.

Two videos: 

Vil aflure photosyntesens hemmeligheder
Videnskaben bag den grønne omstilling