Nano-Science Seminar: Tom Vosch

We invite you to join us at Nano-Science Seminar by Associate Professor Tom Vosch on 11 March at 15:00 in Aud 6 at HCØ. 

Title: DNA-stabilized silver nanoclusters: encodable atomically precise emitters

In this lecture I will introduce DNA-stabilized silver nanoclusters and the advancements that have been made in unraveling their optical properties and structure. I will also present our findings on their intriguing photophysical properties, which include Optically Activated Delayed Fluorescence (OADF) and UpConversion Fluorescence (UCF). Both methods can be used to create background-free Anti-Stokes fluorescence imaging modalities. Recently, we managed to crystalize NIR emitting DNA-stabilized silver nanoclusters, which allowed us to understand the atomic structure of these emitters and will hopefully lead to a better understanding of the structure/property relationship and help design the next generations of DNA-stabilized silver nanoclusters.

Nano-Science Center seminars are monthly seminars with a scientific presentation featuring a guest or faculty from the Nano-Science Center. The seminars are targeted students from 2nd year and researchers, and the aim is to inspire and catalyse networking among researchers and students.