13 October 2010

Grants to Nano-Science Center

Mogens Brøndsted Nielsen and Bo Wegge Laursen both received grants for their projects at Nano-Science Center from FTP.

Mogens Brøndsted Nielsen received 4.727.920 DKK for the project: “Electronic Communication in Redox-Active Chromophores and Photoswitches - Design, Synthesis,and Advanced Characterization of Model Systems”. Bo Wegge Laursen received 5.745.924 DKK for the project: “Graphene as electrodes for molecular electronics”. Per Hedegård and Mads Brandbyge received a grant for 2.667.600 DKK from FNU for the project: “Electronic transport and atomic dynamics in graphene-based nanostructures - theory and simulation”. They also received a grant from Lundbeckfonden for 2,500.000 DKK. Karen Martinez got at grant for 925.000 DKK from Lundbeckfonden.