15 December 2008

Lots of research grants to Nano-Science Center

The Danish Council for Strategic Research has just given out 175 million Kr. in research grants, 47 million Kr. of this goes to researchers at Nano-Science Center.

Associated Professor Jesper Nygård, Associated Professor Karen Martinez and Engineer Claus B. Sørensen are granted 8,8 million kr. to their project: CLIPS "Constructing Local Intracellular Probe Systems". Associated Professor Kim Lefmann is leader of the project: "MC-Xtrace, a simulation tool for X-ray investigations of nanostructures", which is granted 7.9 million. Kr. Professor Klaus Bechgaard, Assistant Professor Bo Wegge Laursen and Post. Doc. Michael Pittelkow are partners on the project:  "Expanding the weld compatibility of plastic". Coloplast A/S is leader of the project which is granted 8.9 million Kr.

The biggest grant this year on 28 million kr. goes to: "Center for Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Nanotoxicologi" , leaded by Professor Seyed Moein Moghimi at Department of Pharmaceutics and Analytical Chemistry. Nano-Science Center represented by Professor Thomas Bjørnholm and Associated Professor Dimitrios Stamou are partners on the project.