26 August 2019

Nikos Hatzakis receives award for his contribution to science in Europe

Nikos Hatzakis, Associate Professor from Department of Chemistry and Nano-Science Center, has been awarded for his contribution to science in Europe. In particular, Hatzakis' research in the protein CRISPR has been recognized. The CRISPR protein allows scientists to modify the genome more accurately and in this way helping treatment of serious diseases.

Nikos Hatzakis receives the award together with K. Daskalakis from MIT for their contribution to science in Europe and USA, respectively.

The award was initiated and took place in the region of Crete in the presence of the governor of Crete, vice ministers, city mayors as well as members of the Greek parliament.

Click here to watch Nikos Hatzakis' appearance on the Greek news.
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