Condensed Matter Experiment

The researchers explore quantum effects in nanostructures, focusing on materials and devices for nanoelectronics, novel biosensors and quantum information processing.

Condensed Matter Experiment is part of the Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) section lead by Jens Paaske of the Niels Bohr Institute. The CMP section comprises also the Condensed Matter Theory group as well as the Center for Quantum Devices. Condensed Matter Experiment is represented at the Nano-Science Center by prof. Jesper Nygård. Further details on the experimental activities can be found at Center for Quantum Devices.

The experimental work is based on advanced nanofabrication, electrical measurements and experiments at ultralow temperatures. Devices are typically based on unconventional materials such as carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanowires. We host a clean room with a suite of nanofabrication tools, incl. electron beam lithography and molecular beam epitaxy.