Condensed Matter Theory

The research group works with theoretical physics applied to a number of different nanoscopic systems, primarily nanoelectrical components and quantum information systems. We have extensive collaborations and joint publications with a number of experimental groups, both within the Nano-Science Centre and abroad, mainly with the Technical University in Delft, Harvard University and Chalmers Technical University. We have theoretical collaborators at many different universities all over the world.

The dominant activity concerns the theory of quantum electron transport through nano-structures, such as nano-wires, fullerenes and molecules. The description of these involves a number of different physical and chemical effects, which are joined together. This is done by means of numerical calculations based on microscopic parameters, as well as by mathematical analysis of model systems.

Condensed Matter Theory is part of the Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) section lead by Jens Paaske of the Niels Bohr Institute. The CMP section comprises also the Condensed Matter Experiment group as well as the Center for Quantum Devices.

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