X-Ray and Neutron Science

The X-Ray and Neutron Science Section is responsible for education and research on structural physics using X-ray and neutron based methods, on materials physics and magnetism, and on biophysics and health-physics using isotope techniques.

The research projects focuses on structural and dynamic studies on the Ångström to micrometer length-scale. Subjects ranges from quantum phase transitions and superconductivity, to polymer and biophysical sciences. Large efforts concern the development of X-ray and Neutron methods for new scientific areas and are within instrument design and simulation, related to the ESS project. Other major projects relate to the Synthetic Biology program initiated as a cross-faculty program at UCPH as well as other subjects within structural biophysics and soft matter physics. The group has well-equipped laboratories, including a biophysics laboratory with advanced thermal and characterization instruments, X-ray and light scattering laboratories, and laboratory for thermal analysis and magnetic studies.

The X-Ray and Neutron Science Section consists of 9 staff members: a laboratory and a mechanics technician, a secretary, approximately 35 PhD students and post docs, and currently about 20 undergraduate students. The group has major funding from the Danish Council for Independent Research, FNU and FTP; from the Lundbeck, Novo, Carlsberg and VKR Foundations; from the EU Framework and Interreg Programs, and from the Danish in-kind contribution to the construction of ESS. Further internal funding is obtained from UCPH-2016 programs.

Read more on the group's webpage at the Niels Bohr Institute.