Nano-Science Center Seminar: Bo Wegge Laursen – Københavns Universitet

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Nano-Science Center Seminar: Bo Wegge Laursen

Title: Synthesis and applications of fluorescent dyes


Fluorescence based techniques are extremely important in bio- and nano-science, and have revolutionized areas such as microscopy (bio imaging), DNA sequencing, and drug development. At the heart of these techniques are the fluorescent dyes, which determine the optical readout. Most of the standard fluorescent dyes have been optimized for high brightness (fluorescence intensity), consequently there is a great potential for applications exploring other photophysical parameters of the dyes.

Triangulenium dyes with unusual long fluorescence lifetime close to 20 ns (5 to 10 times that of normal dyes) provides unique fluorescence readout and thus new applications such as: ultra-low noise bioimaging and probes for detection of interactions between large proteins.

The presentation will focus on the synthesis and development of new fluorescent dyes, their optical properties, and demonstrations of applications in imaging, sensors, and assays.   

Nano-Science Center Seminar Series is a type of seminars where group leaders at Nano-Science Center will give a talk about their work. After the talk the speaker invites all participants to have a drink in the lunch room. Everybody is invited to participate both - researchers and students.