Nano-Science Center Seminar & Inaugural lecture: Jan Rossmeisl – Københavns Universitet

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Nano-Science Center Seminar & Inaugural lecture: Jan Rossmeisl

Jan Rossmeisl, Newly appointed professor at Department of Chemistry will give a talk: Electrocatalysis - chemistry and energy.

There will be a reception afterwards in C305, both studens and researchers are welcome 

Jan's talk:

I will talk about electrocatalysis and the promises electrocatalysis holds for the future, including electrochemical energy conversion. I will describe pros and cons and the fundamental challenges for applying electrocatalysis at a large scale. I will argue that it takes fundamental atomic scale insight into the charge transfer reactions to really address these challenges. This insight is needed to start rational design and discovery of suited electrochemical interfaces. The hope is that this atomic scale insight on the long run will help electrocatalysis to deliver the great promises it holds as a mean for more sustainable fuels and chemicals in the future.

Læs om Jan Rosmeissl her. (På Dansk)

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