29. januar 2016

Torkil Holm prize for straddling chemistry and biology

Chemical award

All actions of living beings start with molecules interacting. But figuring out which molecules go where when we get sick, get well or fall in love is a formidable challenge. One of the few who can rise up to it is Dimitrios Stamou. He is Professor of chemical biology at University of Copenhagen. Now he is awarded the highly prestigious Torkil Holm prize for his work on the borders between chemistry and biology.

Professor Dimitrios Stamou in his University of Copenhagen, Department of Chemistry laboratory.

The prize is awarded at the bi-annual Torkil Holm Symposium hosted by the Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV) in Copenhagen.

Prize for young promising researcher

The prize is awarded every two years to a “young researcher with established credentials as an independent investigator in any area of chemical science, and who shows special promise of further scientific development”. It consists of DKK 50,000.

Unique interdisciplinary research group 

Originally from Greece and educated in England and Switzerland, Dimitrios Stamou has been at the University of Copenhagen since 2004. At the Nano-Science Center of the university's Department of Chemistry, he has built up a unique interdisciplinary experimental research group that has led to significant breakthroughs. He is a leading expert in the physical chemistry of biological systems and works on uncovering the chemical mechanisms underpinning biological processes. He is also developing methods to control and study chemical reactions at the single molecule level.

He is a prolific author of scientific publications with, among others, four publications in Nature periodicals and one in Science to his name.

About the Torkil Holm symposium

The aim of the symposium is to bring together leading experts from chemical research institutions and businesses around the world to exchange ideas about their research.

About ATV

ATV is an independent , member-driven think tank. For the benefit of coming generations ATV works for lifting Denmark up to a place among the five most successful science and engineering regions in the world. Members of the Academy are tasked with implementing recommendations from projects into knowledge environments and businesses.